Monsoon Festival


Allow yourself the luxury of being yourself
August 11th - 15th, 2013 Pune India
"In this world of consciousness, nothing is as helpful as celebration. Celebration is like watering a plant. Worry is just the opposite of celebration; it is just like cutting the roots. Feel happy! Dance with your silence. This moment it is there – enough. Why ask for more? Tomorrow will take care of itself. This moment is too much; why not live it, celebrate it, share it, enjoy it? Let it become a song, a dance, a poetry; let it be creative. Let your silence be creative; do something with it.” Osho, Yoga: The Mystery Beyond Mind, #4
The Monsoon Festival in the OSHO International Meditation Resort is a great opportunity for visitors from around the world to gather together in Pune and to participate in the intense energyfield created by the presence of so many meditators.
There will be a bouquet of revolutionary OSHO Meditation Techniques during the day.
Many exciting night events filled with music, dance, painting, a Variety Show and more.
An International food festival to tingle your taste buds.
Some specially designed Multiversity courses and unique meditations for daily life.
A morning live music meditation in Chuang Tzu is surely a 'don't miss'.
The Celebration also includes:
 06.00  OSHO Dynamic Meditation
 07.30  Silent Sitting
 08.00  OSHO Audiotalk
 09.30  Morning Meditation
 10.45  Vipassana Meditation
 12.00  Noon Meditation
 14.15  Silent Sitting
 15.00  OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation
 16.15  OSHO Kundalini Meditation
 18.30  OSHO Evening Meeting
 21.30  Night Meditation


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