OSHO: The Crescendo of Life: Celebrating Death
Visitors and friends at the OSHO International Meditation Resort had an opportunity to participate in a unique event, celebration the death and life of Yoga Prem, aka "Big Prem." According to Osho's suggestion, death here is really celebrated.
"And celebrating death will help you to understand that there is nothing in life to be afraid 
of. If death is a celebration, then what else can be a cause of fear? And if you can celebrate death, you have attained a maturity. 
It is possible only to those who live life as a rejoicing, a constant celebration. Then death is not the termination, but only a small incident of changing your clothes, your house, your body. But you remain exactly the same forever -- nothing changes in your intrinsic being. From eternity to eternity you are exactly the same." - Osho.
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