Λεξιλόγιο συμβόλων:

Bird: Spirit of air, imagination, possibilities, happiness, "the soul", entering into a higher state of consciousness
Buddha: Perfection, pure consciousness, self-realization, ultimate wisdom, compassion, stillness, transcendence of duality
Butterfly: Transformation, flightiness, lightness, temporariness, fragility
Camel: self-satisfied, unawareness, temperamental, foolishness
Chain: Conditions, limitations, boundaries
Child: Potential, simplicity, innocence, joy, perfection, transmutation
Circle: Pure space, spirit, totality, wholeness, femaleness, no beginning no end, self-contained, heaven
Clouds: The mind (changing nature of), hiding or covering, light and clarity, hidden blessings, oppression, heaviness, or lightness and non-seriousness, unformed
Violet: Intelligence, balance, equality; red (hot) + blue (cool) = violet
Red: Strength, energy, fire, the sun, passion, sexuality, masculine, active principle
Pink: Love, perfection (red + white = pink; strength + passion and purity = love)
Gold: Truth, enlightenment, splendor
White: Purity, perfection, innocence, illumination, sacredness, simplicity, yang
Black: Void, death, time, night, cold, yin
Blue: Water, coolness, depth, space, heaven
Grey: Clouds, change, neutral (able to move into any direction), between dark and light
Green: Nature, abundance, spring (yellow + blue = green; i.e., warmth of emotions + coolness of wisdom = renewal, creativity
Crystal: Insight, clarity
Cup: Open, receptive, feminine, the heart
Dolphin: Playfulness, intelligence, sensitivity, gentleness, joy
Eagle: Inspiration, strength, authority, spiritual principal, a bridge between heaven and earth, masculine, solar, expansive
Eyes Open: Awareness
Eyes Closed: Inward looking, or being asleep
Fire: Transformation, power, energy, strength, passion, purification, inspiration, masculine, solar
Flowers: Full development of potentialities, expansion, open and sharing
Fruit: Juiciness, fertility, essence
Hair Long, flowing: Energy, freedom of thought (inspiration), life-force, virility
Hair Shaved: Renouncing the physical
Disheveled: Confusion, unhappiness
Halo: Light of truth, radiance, vital energy
Hand Empty: Open, receptive, feminine
Hara: The center of vital energy in the body, just below the navel, life-force center
Jigsaw Puzzle: The game of life, the whole picture comprised of many small pieces
Knife/Sword: Division, power, aggression, mental, cutting through (i.e., clarity)
Leaves Green: Fertility, regeneration
Leaves Autumn: Letting-go, maturity
Lightning: Thunderbolt, revelation, shock, divine power, enlightenment
Lion: Fearlessness, power, individuality
Lizard: Wisdom, secrecy, silence
Lotus Flower: The product of the union of opposites – light (sun) and dark (water), symbol of spirit and transformation
Leaf: Perfection, spiritual unfoldment
Mantis: Playfulness, non-serious inquiry
Monkey: Transformation, trickster, curiosity
Moon: Mystery, perpetual renewal (phases of), inner knowledge.
Moon Full: Enlightenment, feminine magnetism
Moon + Sun: Heaven and earth, the sacred marriage, gold and silver
Night /Darkness: Unknown, emptiness
No Head: No-mind – beyond thinking
Nudity: Innocence, natural, unashamed
Octagon: Number of regeneration, rebirth
Rainbow: Bridge of heaven and earth, spiritual + manifest, full spectrum of possibilities
Rocks: Challenges, barriers, inflexible
Rose: Heart.
Rose + thorns: Perfection/passion
Sheep: Conditioning, status quo, "the crowd"
Snake: Rejuvenation, sexuality, cunning, totality, self-sufficiency, the end is the beginning
Spiral: Fertility, the source of regeneration, a vortex, the creative force
Square: The manifest, known, stable form
Sun: Power, divinity, splendor, wisdom, illumination, masculine, source of life
Tiger: Authority, wealth and accomplishment
Torch: Life, truth, immortality, intelligence
Tortoise: Self-contained, at home in water (emotions), on land (physical)
Tree: Nourishing, rootedness, abundance, sheltering, stillness, strength, endurance
Triangle: Threefold nature of the universe
Upward Pointing: Life, heat, male, King in court cards, spiritual
Downward pointing: Lunar, feminine, receptive, Queen in court cards, cool
Pointing Left: Movement from the passive toward the active, Page in court cards
Pointing Right: Movement: the active toward the inner, Knight in court cards
Veil: Illusion, maya, darkness, ignorance
Venus: Love, passion, creativity, femininity, imagination, sexuality
Wand /Staff: Support, authority, journeying
Water: Emotions, depth, intuition, flowing, the unmanifest, potential, purification, the womb and birth, life–giving
Wheel: Time, fate, karma, change
Wings Freedom, flight into the unknown, the power to transcend the mundane
Wreath of Leaves, flowers, worn on head: Success, achievement over the material
Yin/Yang: The complement of opposites. The black side – depth, darkness, unmanifest, soul, intuition, flexible, night, female
The white side – active, day, male, manifest, expansive, rational.
Together: a perfect balance of the two primary universal forces
Zodiac: Cycle of transformation, inter-connectedness of existence (heaven and earth), the world of phenomena