Work As Meditation आवासीय कार्य-ध्यान लिविंग इन


This very popular program helps you to bring meditation into your work activities and your daily life in general. Living on campus, you become part of the daily running and workings of the Meditation Resort. You work a minimum of 6 hours every day, and then join the Evening Meeting for another 2 hours of “non-doing” – just being.

“Live in the market but don’t allow the market to live in you. Act without being active, move but remain unmoving inside.”

"If inaction and action can meet, then the harmony arises.” Osho

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There are two booking options within “Living In” Work as Meditation. If you have never done this program before you need to take option 1:

1) The Creative Living Program (for first-time participants)
This is a three-month program which includes our “Learning Program” comprising thirty hours in workshops and individual sessions – the OSHO-developed methods for Work as Meditation and for developing “inner skills” for work and life, and a two-day Osho Multiversity course that offers an in-depth exposure to the whole range of revolutionary meditation techniques available at the meditation resort.
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(If you don’t have two or three months available at one time, it may be possible to arrange the three months in a way that suits your other commitments.)

2) For returning (or continuing) participants

If you have already completed “The Learning Program” and so have previously participated in the OSHO residential Work as Meditation program, the additional “Learning Program” course fees do not apply.
Recommended participation is two to three months. It may be possible to extend your program once you are here by mutual agreement.


  • Accommodation in a single occupancy room.
  • Your Meditation Resort entry pass. (This includes all Auditorium and Chuang Tzu meditations, and the open-air classes on Buddha Grove. You can choose to attend those that are scheduled outside of your Work as Meditation timings.)

Not included:

  • Food and all extras other than the above


From March 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015:

  • For 90 days participation: 42,500 INR
  • For 30 days participation: 16,100 INR
    Extension per 7 days: 3,800 INR

Before you apply please refresh yourself about the details of the Work as Meditation Living In Programs,  click here.

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