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What the Doctors Say

What the Doctors Say 
Dr. Joachim Galuska runs Fachklinik Heiligenfeld in Germany, a psychiatric sanitarium with holistic approach, where OSHO meditations have been a part of his clinic's methods. "Osho Dynamic Meditation" is one of the most powerful techniques I know," he says. "It lays bare large areas of the unconsciousness mind." 
Dr. Galuska uses OSHO meditations discriminatingly: "After all, man is not an island, but a part of an organic unity. OSHO Dynamic Meditation is excellent for fairly mature, normally neurotic personalities; people like that should experiment with it and see what it does for them. Borderliners or psychotic personalities, however, may be overtaxed. It is precisely because it is such a powerful tool that doctors should look to whom they recommend it." 
Dr. Galuska recommends OSHO Kundalini Meditation even to patients with heavy psychotic disturbances: "It is a trademark of all of the OSHO meditations that they mobilize the body's energy system, and OSHO Kundalini meditation allows to that to happen in a soft and harmonious way." 
Dr. Raina Falk, a buoyant 48-year -old neurologist and psychiatrist, offers OSHO Dynamic Meditation to her patients for twenty-one days every month. 
Patients who come fall into two categories," she explains. "Some are suffering from migraine, upset stomach, heart aches, back pains, all sorts of psychosomatic disorders ? the sort of people doctors feel helpless about. And the others are suffering from depressions or latent aggressions. Both groups benefit immensely from OSHO Dynamic Meditation." 
Falk offers OSHO Dynamic Meditation not for research reasons but because she likes doing it herself. From what her patients tell her, a lot happens. In her last group, one man had a shoulder-arm syndrome had to have a daily injection because he could not move his arm for pain. One morning he found he could move his arm again. Another man who had been depressed told her after the first week that he had danced all night with his wife. "He was jubilant," Falk recalls, "but now he is a little scared of all this new energy, how it will affect his life."