About Meditation? Is meditation just for people who know a lot about 'new age' philosophy?

Is meditation just for people who know a lot about 'new age' philosophy?

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The new age movement is just a fashion which will disappear very soon, as all your other movements have disappeared. Now you don't see hippies.... It is a very great phenomenon that so many hippies suddenly disappeared. What happened to their revolution? It was a revolutionary movement; it was dropping out of the society. Why have they dropped back into the society? All these movements are very short-lived. They have beautiful names ― that does not matter ― but they don't have a radical philosophy to change human beings. The new age movement has nothing unique which can transform individuals. It is a fashion; soon it will die ― just a passing phase. I am not part of any movement. What I am doing is something eternal. It has been going on since the first man appeared on the earth, and it will continue to the last man. It is not a movement, it is the very core of evolution. So you are right that you don't count me as part of the new age movement. I am not. I am part of the eternal evolution of man. The search for truth is neither new nor old. The search for your own being has nothing to do with time. It is non-temporal. I may be gone, but what I am doing is going to continue. Somebody else will be doing it. I was not here and somebody else was doing it. Nobody is a founder in it, nobody is a leader in it. It is such a vast phenomenon that many enlightened people have appeared, helped and disappeared. But their help has brought humanity a little higher, made humanity a little better, a little more human. They have left the world a little more beautiful than they had found it.

Osho: Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries, #11

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