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Massage is the Message

Massage is the Message

I’ve been working as a diplomat but thinking I might study something like massage because I like working with my hands, and I know it’s a job where one can be open and receptive.

It’s very good. To do something with the hands is always good.

Rather than to be a head, it is always good to be hands.

It will make you more alive and more in contact with life. It will make you more grounded. Massage is perfectly good. It is better than to be a diplomat! It is very very good to forget all about that nonsense.

Get more into your body. Make your senses more alive. See more lovingly, taste more lovingly, touch more lovingly, smell more lovingly. Let your senses function more and more. Then suddenly you will see the energy that was moving too much in the head is now well-divided in the body.

The head is very dictatorial. It goes on taking energy from everywhere and is a monopolist. It has killed the senses.

The head is taking almost eighty percent of the energy, and only twenty percent is left for the whole body. Of course the whole body suffers, and when the whole body suffers, you suffer, because you can only be happy when you are functioning as a whole, as an organic unity, and every part of your body and being is getting its proportion; not more than that, not less than that. Then you function in a rhythm. You have a harmony.

Harmony, happiness, health – they are all part of one phenomenon, and that is wholeness. If you are whole, you are happy, healthy, harmonious.

The head is creating a disturbance. People have lost many things. People cannot smell. They have lost the capacity to smell. They have lost the capacity to taste. They can only hear a few things. They have lost their ears. People don’t know what touch really is. Their skin has become dead. It has lost the softness and receptivity. So the head thrives like an Adolf Hitler, crushing the whole body. The head becomes bigger and bigger. It is very ridiculous.

Man is almost like a caricature  a very big head and just very small limbs, hanging.

So bring back your senses. Do anything with the hands, with the earth, with the trees, with the rocks, with bodies, with people.

Do anything that needs not much thinking, not much intellectualization.

And enjoy. Then your head will by and by be unburdened. It will be good for the head too, because when the head is burdened too much, it thinks – but it cannot think. How can a worrying mind think? For thinking you need clarity. For thinking you need a non-tense mind.

It will look like a paradox, but for thinking you need a thoughtless mind.

Then you can think very easily, very directly, intensely. Just put any problem before yourself and your non-thinking mind starts solving it. Then you have intuition. It is not worry – just insight.

When the mind is burdened too much with thoughts, you think too much but to no purpose. It comes to nothing; there is nothing in the head. You go round about, round about; you make much noise, but the end result is zero. So it is not against the head to disperse the energy into all the senses. It is in favor of it, because when the head is balanced, in its right place, it functions better; otherwise it is jammed. It is such great traffic. It is almost a rush hour; for twenty-four hours a rush hour.

So start doing something...whatsoever you feel. Massage is very good. The body is beautiful...anything to do with the body is beautiful.

Osho, The Passion for the Impossible, Talk #2
(This title is no longer available at Osho’s request)