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Bankei always insisted on having a painting of Buddha just behind him, and talking to his disciples he would say, 'Look at this fellow. Whenever you meet him kill him immediately, don't give him a chance. While meditating he will come to disturb you. Whenever you see his face in meditation, just kill him then and there; otherwise he will follow you.' And he used to say, 'Look at this fellow! if you repeat his name...' because Buddhists go on repeating, Namo Buddhaya, Namo Buddhaya-'if you repeat his name, then go and wash your mouth.' It looks insulting. It is Buddha's name and this man says, 'If you repeat it, the first thing to do is wash your mouth. Your mouth has become dirty.'

And he is right-because words are words; whether it is the name of Buddha or not makes no difference. Whenever a word crosses your mind, your mind has become dirty. Wash out even Buddha's name. And this man, keeping the portrait of Buddha always behind him, would bow down to it every morning. So his disciples asked, 'What are you doing? You go on telling us: Kill this man, don't allow him to stand in the way. And you say: Don't take his name, don't repeat it; if it comes wash your mouth. And now we see you bowing down.'

So Bankei said, 'All this has been taught to me by this man, this fellow, so I have to pay respect.'


Osho, A Bird on the Wing, Talk #10


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