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Free Osho Audiobook Excerpts
Osho International offers over 180 series of Osho audio books. Each series comprises audio recordings of live Osho talks. There are a total of approximately 3100 Osho Talks where the original audio recording is available. The total comprises some 5000 hours of audio recordings.
All of these audio recordings are available for download and can be downloaded from  www.osho.com. You can view the complete  Osho Audio Catalog here, which contains a complete list of all the Osho audio recordings.
Short excerpts from some of these audios are available here.
They are all 3 - 5 minutes long and can be downloaded in mp3 and  WMA formats.
If you are unfamiliar with these unique Osho Audiobooks or would like to understand more about how you can benefit from them, you can enjoy a brief overview  here...
Here is our current list of Osho mp3 and WMA audio book excerpts. 
To download a free sample, click on the right of the title. 
From the Series,  Journey to the Heart:
Audio #1: Until You Die ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #2: Judge Ye Not ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #3:  Walking without Crutches ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #4: Straight to Freedom ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #5: Truth Is Not Veiled ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #6: Man Carries The Seed ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #7: Knowledge Is Dangerous ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #8: This Too Will Pass ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #9: Almost Dead With Thirst ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #10: A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose... ( mp3 /  WMA) 
Audio #1-1: The Most Excellent Way ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-2: The Greatest Miracle ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-3: Only Nothing Is ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-4: Two Empty Skies Meeting ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-5: Real Repentance is Remembering ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-6: Nothing Is Lacking ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-7: Living the Dhamma ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-8: Sincerity in the Search ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-9: The Truth beyond Magic ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #1-10: Thus Come, Thus Gone ( mp3/  WMA) 
From the Series, Ah This!:
Audio #1: The Heart of Knowing Is Now ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #2: Neti Neti ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #3: I Am Higher ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #4: Dying Into the Master ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #5: See Right at Once ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #6:Try It My Way ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #7:Take No Notice ( mp3/  WMA) 
Audio #8: Not Knowing Is the Most Intimate ( mp3 /  WMA)