Welcome to iOSHO! This is a new platform to support making the Osho vision readily available online, to people from around the world, all at the lowest price possible. 
We are pleased to announce that over 25,000 friends registered to give it a try in the first 45 days of launch. This isn’t counting people who just registered; these are people who are actively using a wide array of its featured products every day. Please take a moment to register and get a free ALL Access limited subscription for a week HERE and start enjoying  a number of offerings which are tailored to fit your interests which could include everything from the Osho Zen Tarot, Osho Radio, Osho TV, the Osho horoscope and much more.
You can choose from a number of offerings which are tailored to fit your interests which could include everything from the OSHO Zen Tarot, OSHO Radio, OSHO TV, the OSHO Horoscope and much more. 
WATCH section features the highest quality videos of Osho answering questions and some rarely seen press interviews. The audio library has been re-mastered so that you can hear Osho Talks in pristine quality, gaps included on the OSHO Radio [ Hindi talks are also featured ]
For the OSHO Zen Tarot addicts - you know who you are! - the Tarot has be upgraded so that you can now pick your own cards from the layout….of course you have to use the click instead of your hands -  and you can also save and share your readings on … if you dare. 
And if you are so inclined you can participate in the world famous OSHO Active Meditations from your own Living Room. Just hit the play button in the iMeditate section and you’re doing Osho Kundalini Meditation with people from around the world. It's as easy as that. 
In addition you also get open access to OSHO Online Library with over 235 Osho books at your fingertips  to read  to research  to savor….
Last but not the least, don’t forget to check out the newly designed eGreetings section- you will find a wide selection of beautiful images with Osho quotes to celebrate any occasion or to introduce OSHO to friends or family.
We trust that you are going to enjoy iOSHO as much as we've enjoyed getting it ready for your participation. See you in Dynamic!


Have Questions? Read following FAQs:

What is iOSHO?

iOSHO is a premium subscription of the OSHO.com website.  The paid subscription service allows you access to additional content only available to paid supporters such as, but not limited to, videos, streaming radio, OSHO Zen Tarot, OSHO Library, OSHO iMeditate and OSHO eGreetings.

Why should I subscribe to iOSHO?

By subscribing to iOSHO you will gain access to paid-only premium content as well as help support the work of OSHO and helping it reach greater audience around the world.

How does a subscription work?

An iOSHO subscription works by signing up for one of the plans available on our subscription page.  By signing up you agree to pay the listed price on an annual basis charged to the credit card or Paypal account you sign up with.  Once you select your subscription you will have immediate and unlimited access to all iOSHO content for the subscription level you have chosen.  Your subscription will be valid until your (a) subscription expires and does not renew (b) your credit card expires and you do not update it or (c) you cancel your subscription before renewal date.

How can I pay for it?

You can pay for an iOSHO subscription by visiting our registration page here: iOSHO.

What do I receive with my iOSHO subscription?

Please refer to the registration page on iOSHO for the most up to date plan availability and features.  The type of services you receive are dependent on the type of subscription level you choose.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription within 30 days, if you have not used any of the gift vouchers or free downloads available to you with subscription.

1. Visiting your account page OR

2. Emailing support at support@osho.com

How can I upgrade?

You can upgrade at any time by visiting your account page on the OSHO.com website.

What if I forgot my login and/or password?

Please visit http://www.osho.com/user/password and follow the instructions on this page.

Can I cancel in the middle of my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  If you cancel your subscription before it is expired you will have access until the expiration date.  There are no partial refunds given for unused time unless you are within your 30 day refund window AND YOU HAVE NOT used any gift vouchers.

Can I upgrade in the middle of my subscription?

You can upgrade at any time by visiting the account page.  You will be charged the difference of the rate for the upgrade for the duration of your remaining subscription.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes unless you cancel your subscription will renew automatically on the anniversary date.

Can I get iOSHO on my mobile phone?

Not all iOSHO content is available on mobile phones additionally some content may be best viewed using our mobile apps for a list of the latest apps please visit http://www.osho.com/mobile.

What apps do I need to access iOSHO?

For the latest supported mobile apps and devices please visit http://www.osho.com/mobile

What mobile devices does iOSHO play on?

For the latest supported mobile apps and devices please visit http://www.osho.com/mobile

Why do I need to pay to use my subscription on mobile?

Providing apps on mobile phones requires additional resources - your support goes to help spread the work of OSHO to a global audience.