Aug 2014 Horoscope

My intention in talking on astrology could be misunderstood. It is not as if I intend to talk on the same subjects that are discussed by an ordinary astrologer. To such an astrologer you can pay a coin and be told your fortune. Perhaps you think that I am going to talk about him or be in support of him.

In the name of astrology, ninety-nine percent of astrologers only bluff.

Only one percent will not dogmatically assert that an event will definitely happen. They know that astrology is a vast subject -- so vast that someone can only enter into it hesitatingly.

Osho, Hidden Mysteries


August 23 - September 22

Prepare yourself for the Sun’s arrival at the end of the month. Use the fire that is being made available by the Leo Sun, to gain in centeredness and heartfulness. As the golden light of life fills your heart, so the messages you need to hear from your intuition will find their way through.

“And once you have known the art to listen to your intuition, you will be surprised: intellect can err, intuition never errs – it is infallible.”

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 4, Talk #9

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