Mar 2015 Horoscope

My intention in talking on astrology could be misunderstood. It is not as if I intend to talk on the same subjects that are discussed by an ordinary astrologer. To such an astrologer you can pay a coin and be told your fortune. Perhaps you think that I am going to talk about him or be in support of him.

In the name of astrology, ninety-nine percent of astrologers only bluff.

Only one percent will not dogmatically assert that an event will definitely happen. They know that astrology is a vast subject -- so vast that someone can only enter into it hesitatingly.

Osho, Hidden Mysteries


August 23 - September 22

As the Sun goes into Pisces, so you are asked to acknowledge and access the nine-tenths of your being that is generally out of your conscious grasp. The only way to get access, is to learn to listen, to surrender the idea of personal omnipotence – and to receive the love of existence.

“The secret of life is: if you bring your unconscious into the light, those hidden secrets which are functioning like wounds, like burdens that are heavy on you, evaporate. You need not do anything else - all that you need is a loving heart to listen to you.”

Osho, The Rebel, Talk #21

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