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Chapter 10: The Alchemy of Celebration

These problems always bother people who have something; they always hesitate. They hesitate because maybe if they say something, people may reject them. Who knows? And good people are always hesitant; bad people are always dogmatic, stubborn. That’s why the world is won more by the bad people - and good people are always standing outside the market, thinking, “What to do and what not to do?” By the time they decide, the whole market is filled with false things.

In the West particularly this is so, because now in the West a man to man approach has become impossible. You have to use all the communication media. In Buddha’s time it was totally different - Buddha would move and meet people face to face. No newspapers existed, no radio, no television. But now to meet people personally is impossible, particularly in the West, unless you use the mass media. And when you use the mass media, of course, it looks like meditation is also a commodity. You have to use the same terms, you have to use the same language, you have to persuade people in the same way as other people are persuading for other things. If you say that this meditation is the ultimate in meditations, it will look like a commercial because there are many who are saying this. They are saying about soaps that: “This is the ultimate in soaps, this is the ultimate in perfumes!” There are perfumes named “Ecstasy.” Sooner or later, someone is going to name a perfume “Satori,” “Samadhi.” You have to use the same terms, the same language; there is no other way. You have to use the same methods, but nothing is wrong with that.

I have been in the mountains and I have come back to the marketplace. Can’t you see the bottle of alcohol in my hands? I am in the marketplace now. You have to be bold. Go and use all the mediums that are available now. You cannot do it like a Buddha, you cannot do it like a Jesus - those days are over. If you go on doing it like that, then it will take millions of years to spread the news. By the time the news reaches people, the thing will be already dead. So while the corn flakes are fresh, hurry, reach the people.

The third question:

Can you talk to us more about celebration? Is it possible to celebrate misery?

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