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Chapter 17: Jesus, the Only Forgotten Son of God

You just see in these three words, man’s three needs.

His knowledge is very limited, very poor. What really do we know? Even small things can make you aware of your ignorance.

Our power. What power do we have? Perhaps man is the only animal in the world who has no power. Can you fight with a lion? - with a tiger? Forget about lions and tigers, can you fight with a dog or a cat? You will be surprised - what to say about a cat, if even a hundred thousand flies attack you, what are you going to do? You have never thought about flies attacking, but if they attack, if some fly turns political, you will be helpless, you cannot survive.

Forget about flies; in fact there are plants in South Africa which catch birds and animals, suck them completely and throw them away. There are science fictions about plants attacking men. They can catch men, they are big enough. If you are in their vicinity their branches can just catch hold of you like the trunk of an elephant, and crush you completely. And they have ways to suck your blood. Very perfect surgery - all over your body their branches will start penetrating you. And how thick is your skin? Just a little scratch is enough and blood is available. And those trees live on blood; they are man-eating trees - the man is still alive.

There are science fictions about all the trees around you going crazy. They can go crazy because they have a certain kind of brain, a certain kind of mind. Now, it is a proved fact that they think, feel; that they have emotions, sentiments; that they love, they hate. Now there are scientific proofs about all this.

Buddha and Mahavira, twenty-five centuries ago, said not to hurt trees because they are as alive as you are. People at first laughed, that trees.and alive? But Buddha and Mahavira had no scientific proofs for it. It was only their experience in silence. Sitting under a tree, utterly silent, Buddha suddenly felt that the tree is not dead, that it is thriving with life. But these were their personal experiences; they could say it, but they could not prove it.

It was left to be proved by another Indian, Jagdish Chandra Bose, who devoted his whole life to finding scientifically whether Buddha and Mahavira were right or wrong. And he conclusively proved that trees are alive. He was given a Nobel Prize for proving trees to be alive. But that was only the beginning. Then more and more researchers went into it. Just to be alive is not enough.

Soon it was found that they have a different kind of brain system, but they do have one. You should not look for the same brain as you have. This is a stupid human idea, that your brain is the only kind of brain. If there can be so many kinds of bodies why can’t it be that there can be so many kinds of brain? And soon it was found that they have a certain kind of brain system, and things went on.

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