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Chapter 9: Be Kind to Yourself, Stop All This Seeking

I am trying to raise God. When I say there is no God, I mean there is no person as God, there is no personality as God.

You have to understand clearly that personality is something false. The word personality comes from the Greek persona - persona means a mask; in Greek drama the actors used to have a mask. You know sona means sound; a sound coming through a mask was called persona. You cannot see who is behind the mask; hence the actor has a personality. And if you all have personalities, you are all actors - you are not being authentic, sincerely yourself. Personality and individuality don’t mean the same thing.

I am taking the personality of God away. I don’t want him to be an actor - you have so many in Hollywood. Strange, that the place is called “Hollywood”.all gods, personalities, great personalities. I don’t want God to be a Hollywood actor. I am trying to destroy his mask, and once the personality drops what is left is godliness. That is the true individuality of existence.

I will not say, “God is love,” because that still keeps God as a person. On the contrary, I say, “Love is God.” You can forget all about God. If you can understand love, that’s enough religion; more than that is not needed.

I use the word godliness and you are confused, because those moments.have you seen anybody in those moments that you can call God? You have not seen anybody in those moments, because there is nobody. You were using a wrong word, I am correcting you. Those moments you can call moments of godliness. I am changing God from a quantity to a quality.

God is a quantity; godliness is a quality. And you are confused by it? Just a hangover. Shake yourself well - slap yourself and shake yourself - and all confusion will disappear.

Where is this moment? I keep losing it.


You ask me, “Where is this moment?” Your question implies it must be somewhere else. You have already lost it. It is always here! Don’t try to find where it is, because while you are finding where it is, you are losing it. You are missing the train continuously.

Time knows no tenses: past, present, future, no - absolutely no! Time knows only one tense, and that is now. It is always now. But your mind can carry the past and destroy the beauty of the now. Your mind can project the future, and can lose the precious moment.

Please, start relaxing here and now.

This is the taste of it.