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Chapter 27: Religion Is the Last Luxury

Guiseppe Josca, Corriere della Sere, Italy.

Good evening.

There are many questions that I want to ask you tonight, but first I’d like to clarify one point. You say that you are an ordinary man, but you live, you act, you even dress as an emperor. You have people who worship you, you have money, power. How do you explain this contradiction?

I am an extraordinarily ordinary man.

A small book was sufficient to spread the teaching of Jesus or of Mohammed, and many people consider them good after hundreds of years. But there are many tapes of your speeches and statements by the thousands. Every single word you say is recorded, including this interview. Wouldn’t you call this a cult of personality?


I was at the Rajneesh Mandir this morning and I listened to your meditations. I had the impression at a certain point, with all respect, that you were offering easy solutions to impossible problems, like transferring part of the population of India to the Soviet Union, where plenty of land is available. Do you think that such ideas are really practical?

Everything that seems impossible is possible. One day flying was impossible to every practical man; now it is no more. Anything that is impossible can become possible, all that it needs is talented people to work it out. And every dream in the beginning is a dream, but it can be transformed into a reality.

In your words Jesus was a communist, the first communist. Then what would you say about his representative on earth, Pope John Paul? The communists tried to kill him, apparently.

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