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Chapter 30: Doubt Is My Fundamental Teaching

At first we thought that this was something strange, because nobody could conceive of it. My caretaker one day went to Jesus House, where Sheela used to live, and took a cup of tea, and her heartbeat suddenly went to such a high speed. She is not sick, she is perfectly healthy - there was no question of it. Even the doctors were puzzled how it happened. And after much medication - it took three hours for them to bring her heart back to its normal condition. But nobody even connected it with the tea.

But after just a few days my personal physician.the same thing happened again. He had a cup of coffee in Jesus House, where Sheela lived, and he came back and he said he had been poisoned - perhaps because he is a well qualified doctor he was able to suspect that some poisoning has happened - and he became sick. He had to be admitted into a nursing home. There they again tried to inject him.

One of Sheela’s accomplices was Puja, who was really the expert. She was a trained nurse, almost as qualified as any doctor. She again tried to inject him with poison, and then my physician became absolutely afraid to live there in the nursing even for a single moment longer. He was brought back home.

They tried a third time in the public meeting we have every morning, in the discourse. In the crowd they injected him with poison and he immediately felt.he took up his robe and showed people the blood coming out and the place where the injection was given. Now he was absolutely certain that it was a certain injection that is not detectable, and it simply weakens you, and in a period of six to eight months it kills you. So nobody can be caught; it is not a sudden killer.

This time he refused to go to the commune’s nursing home again because that was under Puja, so we had to send him to Bend. His wife Hasya was with him there. The doctors could not find any disease. They told his wife that, “We don’t find any disease. All we can say is that some undetectable poison had been injected. But we can only say it;. there is no proof because it is undetectable.”

They said the same had happened to Mike Sullivan, the attorney of Jefferson County, one year before - exactly the same situation. And there is every possibility that the same people were behind that case too, because our commune’s land comes half in Wasco County and half in Jefferson County, and Jefferson has not been in any way helping us to develop the land or to make a few houses there for farmers to live in. It is a big stretch of land - one hundred and twenty-six square miles. We need a few houses there at the other end. Perhaps because Sullivan was not helping, was a hindrance, they may have tried.

But all these things have come out within the last two days, and more and more information is pouring in. These people had got the information from some source that a grand jury is going to convene within two or three days. The moment they got that news, immediately Sheela took the whole group away - twenty people - and escaped out of the country. There was no need for them to fear; if they had not done anything wrong, I don’t see the point of escaping from the country.

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