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Chapter 3: The Real Ecstasy

USA Today

Glad to see you.

Good evening. First of all I’d like to request that you try to keep your answers as brief as possible. I realize I only have so much time, and I do have thirty or forty questions that I’d like to ask - and the style of my paper is abbreviated to begin with, so it would all fit well.

That’s perfectly okay.

Thank you.

Just remember that your questions are surface and short.

I’d like to ask you just a few questions regarding Sheela. I’m sure you’ve heard.

Any question, just start.

Okay. She has surfaced in Europe and has spoken with the West German publication, Stern, and alleges, among other things, that drug use is rampant here in the commune. I’d like to know, is that true?

That is absolutely wrong.

She speaks of a drug in particular, called ecstasy. Have you ever heard of a drug by that name?


She also claims that she was having a physical love affair with you up until the time she left.

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