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Chapter 9: The Song of Love

.and its sound is love.

Existence is made of the stuff called love.

Physics says matter consists of electricity. If you ask Kabir, he will say: Matter, existence, consists of warmth, not electricity - the warmth of love. Existence is possible only because of love, because God cares, because he loves. God is not indifferent; God is a lover. It would be better to say, God is love. We can forget the word God, but we should not forget the word love. Love is far more valuable than the word God, because love is the very spirit of God. God may be just the body, love is the very soul.

And this whole existence is in love: these trees are moving tremendously in love; these stars, these rivers rushing toward the ocean, are rushing toward a love affair where they can meet and merge. Watch, and you will find everywhere the shadow of love, the thrill, the excitement, the ecstasy of love. Whatsoever the form, if you look deeply, you will always find something throbbing at the center which cannot be called anything else than love.

.and its sound is love:
When love renounces all limits,
it reaches truth.

When love renounces all limits. There are many limits, and our love is confined in limits. That’s why even if we love, we are never happy with it. The unhappiness that comes through love is not because of love, but because of the limitations that surround it.

Let it be absolutely clear to you, because many people, finding that love gives misery - yes, it can give, if there are limitations - become antagonistic toward love. They become enemies of love. Then they start escaping from all possibilities of love.

There are still a few monasteries in existence in Europe.. One monastery exists; it has existed for almost twelve hundred, thirteen hundred years. Once the monk enters the monastery he never comes out of it; it is a commitment for the whole life. And, in the monastery, no woman is ever allowed - for thirteen hundred years not a single woman has entered. The monastery is only for males, for men. And there are monasteries where only women are allowed, no man has ever entered. All possibility of love is dropped.

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