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Chapter 13: Krishna Goes to the West

Dr. Harisingh Gaud, a renowned lawyer of his time, has mentioned an extraordinary episode in his memoirs. He was once arguing a case before the Privy Council in London. He had a strange habit: whenever he was faced with a complex and difficult point of law and he needed some inspiration to help argue his case rightly, his hand almost instinctively reached for the top button of his coat and turned it right and left, and soon he got on very nicely. Those who had worked with him in the legal profession knew that as soon as Dr. Gaud started turning his coat button his argument took on a new and powerful thrust. Then he was unbeatable. It was a big case, and the lawyer on the opposite side was smarting under the power of Dr. Gaud’s arguments. So he bribed Gaud’s chauffeur, asking him to remove the top button of his master’s coat before he came to the court the following day.

The next day Dr. Gaud was going to conclude his case. When he was proceeding before the court with his argument, a moment came when his hand automatically moved to his coat button. He was shocked to find the button was missing. Dr. Gaud could not proceed any further, he just collapsed into his chair. He later wrote in his diary that for the first time in his life, to his chagrin, his brain stopped functioning and he found himself in a vacuum. He then requested the court to adjourn the hearing until the following day on the plea that he had no energy left to proceed further.

It seems strange that a little button had so much power over the mind of a mighty lawyer. This is what psychological association does. If a mind is used to being activated by the touch of a button, it is bound to fail if the button is not available to it. This syndrome is known as conditioned reflex in psychology.

In this same way a name, or a seed word, or a mantra can be used. Like Dr. Gaud’s button - which for him was not just an ordinary coat button but a powerful lever to turn his mind on and off - a name can be used to transform your consciousness. But an empty word won’t do; it has to he charged with a master’s energy; it must be a seed word. A seed word is one that is implanted in the innermost depth of your unconscious in such a way that its very remembrance can bring about a mutation in you.

The names of men like Krishna and Buddha and many other words and mantras have been used for this purpose. But now people are repeating them meaninglessly. You repeat “Rama, Rama” a thousand times and it doesn’t work. If it were a seed word it would work at the first chanting. And it is not necessary that only names like Rama and Krishna can be used; any word can be transformed into a seed word and implanted in the depth of your unconscious. But unless a word or a mantra is charged with meditative energy, it won’t work as a transforming factor in your life. The difficulty is that very often the basic know how is lost and we are left with empty words and superficial rituals. Day in and day out someone is chanting “Rama, Rama”, and another is chanting “Krishna, Krishna” and nothing happens. Do what you can till the end of time, nothing will happen.

You also want to know what kirtan, or singing hymns of praise to Krishna can do to enhance devotion. It can do a lot if we do it rightly. The way we are doing the second stage of Dynamic Meditation can be used for singing or dancing as well. It has been used in the past by those who knew its real meaning. Those who don’t know the real meaning just dance and shout - which is a waste of time. If kirtan can be done in the way of the second stage of the Dynamic Meditation, it can be of tremendous help.

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