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Chapter 10: The Body Is a Friend

If a person is hungry, how can he understand music? It is sheer absurdity to ask him to listen to classical music when he is hungry. Or to tell him to meditate or to sit in zazen. He cannot think anything about Buddha, cannot think anything about God or Jesus. He cannot meditate, his mind will flicker and waver; it will go again and again to his empty stomach. No, he cannot love poetry and he cannot love music when the first needs are unfulfilled. Give him fulfillment in the first, primary needs - food, shelter, love - and then suddenly the energy is released from the lower world and he will start reading poetry, listening to music; he will enjoy dancing. Now higher needs are arising: he would like to paint or sculpt. These are luxuries. They only come into existence when lower needs are fulfilled. And when these higher needs are also fulfilled - you have loved music, listened to music; you have loved poetry, enjoyed it; you have painted, danced - one day you will see a new realm of needs is arising called the ultimate needs: meditation, godliness, prayerfulness.

If the first needs are not fulfilled, the second will not arise - and the third is out of the question. If the first needs are fulfilled, then there is the possibility for the second needs to arise and a glimpse of the third to happen also. When the second is fulfilled, the third arises automatically on its own accord.

Just the other day in Kundalini Meditation two dogs were watching. After a while one dog looked at the other and said, “When I act like that they give me worm pills.”

Of course, a dog has a dog’s mind. He has his own world, terminology, understanding, concepts. He can only think that people who are doing Kundalini either have worms in their stomach or have gone crazy. And that is natural to a dog’s understanding.

Your mind has been conditioned for centuries by people who have not understood your real needs. They have not bothered at all. They were looking for something else and they have managed that very well.they were looking for how to dominate people. And the easiest way is to create a guilty conscience - then it is very easy to dominate people. Once the guilt exists you will be dominated by one or the other, by this or that, but you will be dominated. A guilty person never feels at ease with himself, he cannot have any confidence; he knows that he is wrong so he goes and finds a leader, he goes and finds some church, he goes and finds somebody to guide him. He is unconfident, hence the need arises. Politicians, priests, have worked very hard to create a guilty conscience in everybody. Now that guilty conscience is creating trouble.

Drop it. Life is yours. It belongs to nobody else. No politician, no priest has anything to do with it. Don’t allow anybody to meddle with your life. It is totally yours.

And your body is giving you the right indication; the body is very wise. The mind is a very late arrival. The body has lived millions of years, it knows what is needed. It is the mind that interferes. Mind is very immature, body is very mature. Listen to the body.

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