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Chapter 24: Beyond Experience

A woman sings a love song in French to Osho. She has brought a translator with her.

When one talks about love, there is no need to translate it. A few things can be understood without knowing the language, and those are the same few things that cannot be translated.

That’s why poetry is impossible to translate, and a song still more difficult, because the words can be translated but not the rhythm. The mind can be translated but not the heart. The heart has only one language; it is neither French nor English. The language of the heart is the language of existence..


A woman who is pregnant comes to see Osho.

How is the child growing inside? Have you started feeling him?

He’s growing very well, and yes, I can definitely feel him.

Sometimes just lie and put it [a small rosewood box] where you feel the child, and just relax so I can start working on the child, mm?

Are there any groups I can do while I’m pregnant, or any meditations?

Group therapies won’t do. Do you like humming? [Nadabrahma Meditation] You can do that - with the group and at home. Anything like humming, singing.if you feel, a little dancing. You can join the music group in the ashram. Anything concerned with music will be good. Any therapy will be too hard for the child. Something soft - these therapies are hardware - something soft is needed. And all these meditations are hard. If more people get pregnant I will have to develop some soft methods.


I’m grateful for the exercises. First the Devavani which was helpful to get energy, and then crossing the eyes. It was very helpful for me to come out of the mind.

It has been good. I can see it.

There were experiences with it good to continue?

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