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Chapter 7: Flowers of Feelings at His Feet

“I’m still pretty far away.”

“Oh, son!” cried the desperate woman. “Just come home, and I will fix your favorite - oatmeal cookies.”

“I don’t like oatmeal cookies,” said the boy.

“You don’t?” asked the woman.

“Say,” said Ira, “is this Century 5-7682?”


“Then I must have the wrong number.”

“Does that mean you are not coming home, boy?” asked the woman.

People are really lonely. Even if it is not your son, at least somebody is coming. You can pretend, you can believe, you can console.

The God that exists in the temples is not a real God. That God that exists in the sky is your projection; the real God is within you. That which you are seeking is not somewhere else, it is in your very seeking. It is in the very seeker - the sought is in the seeker. You are the truth, alive, in flesh. God is reborn in you, God is incarnated in you, God has taken a body in you. Where are you seeking, where are you going? The Bauls say, “Wait, listen, go within.”

They sing:

The God is living in man, wholly intermingled.
Oh, my unseeing heart,
your eyes are unwise!
How then can you locate the treasured man?
The unseen man,
dwelling in the brilliance of light,
hides his identity from those blinded by stupor.
He is stationed in man,
appearing and vanishing
as the eyelids blink.

They go on singing again and again:

All of us in our different ways think of God
beyond senses and feelings.
And yet it is only in the essence of loving
that God is found.
On the other shore of the ocean of one’s own self
quivers a drop of fluid
as the origin of all.
The root of all is based in you.
Explore the base to reach the essence,
release the sensation of taste on your tongue,
open the doors of feeling
for the Beloved.
Nectar, showering on the lotus of spontaneity,
lust and love are housed
in one single place,
where sorrows and joys do not exist.

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