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Chapter 1: Fly without Wings

There are many who have come to me because I have spoken so beautifully on Christ, or so beautifully on Gurdjieff, or so beautifully on somebody else - but they have not come to me. They are not my people. Even if they are here they will not be able to see me - they have their investments.

The last question:

You wonderful, beautiful, marvelous trickster! Here we are - Bodhi, Vidya and Arup - walking home in the middle of the night, in drunken stupor of punch, beer, French wine and champagne, after two years of total abstention, just repeating in true Buddhist fashion “stumbling, stumbling, drunk, drunk” ready to tumble into bed and alcoholic oblivion - and there is the note that suddenly tomorrow is question and answer day!
And two hours of typing, cutting and being aware, are ahead. And, lo and behold! Where is the drunkenness? Gurdjieff is nothing compared to this. Roars of laughter and clarity in the head. Spelling mistake, spelling mistake.
Thank you for the device.

This is from Arup..

Arup if you had invited me too, then I would not have troubled you at all. I had to change suddenly. I was going to start a series of talks on Shankaracharya’s atma-bodha - self-knowledge. Looking into the sutras, it looked like an anti-climax to Buddha. The heights that we were flying with Buddha.and then the very ordinary and traditional sayings of Shankaracharya I felt it would not be good. It would be like falling from the peaks into the valleys. It would be like one had suddenly cut your wings.

Buddha was talking of no-self; and Shankaracharya’s statements are very, very traditional Hindu.

I could have managed, but it would have been too much effort. Hence, I thought it was better to say good-bye to Shankaracharya - and I have said good-bye to him forever!

Enough for today.