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Chapter 4: This Harvest Moon

“Meditation makes you a hollow bamboo and the same universal spirit starts singing through you. So don’t bother with unnecessarily looking into dead scriptures, write it down here, now, and add it to any Buddhist scripture.”

He said, “That is very difficult. Nothing can be added, that would be very unholy.”

I said, “Do you like the story?”

He said, “I immensely like it.”

I said, “Do you think anybody who is not a buddha can manage that story?”

He said, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Then,” I said, “be a little courageous. Scholars are always just like mice, no courage at all. Be a lion!”

The story was a simple story I have told you many times, and I don’t care whether it happened or not. It makes sense, it makes you understand something of the inexpressible, that is justification enough. If it did not happen, it should have happened. If I ever meet Gautam Buddha I will force him to correct the omission.

Anand Kausalyayan said, “I have another appointment.”

I said, “I know you must have another appointment, that our conversation is not going to happen. But remember that all your scholarship and all your fame all over Asia, wherever Buddhism prevails, is worth nothing, because you don’t have the courage to be a buddha. And being a buddha is not somebody’s monopoly. Being a buddha is not being a Buddhist. A Buddhist is a follower, a buddha knows. A buddha has no need to follow anybody.”

The story was that Gautam Buddha and Ananda, his disciple, were passing through a forest. They had just crossed a small stream. Buddha is an old man, and he says to Ananda, “I am feeling very thirsty, you just go back and from that stream bring me some water in my bowl.”

Ananda took the bowl and went back. But meanwhile a few bullock carts had passed through the stream and had disturbed its water completely; it had become muddy. Dead leaves which were silently asleep on the bottom had surfaced to have another look at the world. The water was not drinkable, and Ananda was in a difficulty: what to do? This water he cannot take for his master. So he went back. Buddha was sitting under a tree and asked, “Have you brought the water?”

He told what happened. Buddha said, “You are stupid. You just go there and sit by the side of the stream. When we came it was not muddy. The dead leaves were asleep on the bottom, the water was crystal clear. So just go there and wait, it needs only patience. Soon the leaves will be gone; because the stream is flowing, they cannot stay there. The dirt will settle - gravitation is continuously pulling everything towards itself. Everything is being done, soon the water will be clear.”

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