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Chapter 7: Zen Is Love


Relax. Let the body remain there, and the mind - but you are neither. You are just a pure consciousness, a no-mind, a watcher on the hills.

This is your original man.

The original man is the buddha.



Come back. Bring your experience with yourself.

Slowly, silently, gracefully, sit down just like a buddha, without any hesitation.

It is something that you had forgotten, it is remembered again. Recollect the experience of the inner space, the silence and the grandeur of it, the peace and the splendor of it.

These are the few moments which will prove the most precious in your life. And if you are alert enough, you will spread these moments all over your life and death, because the experience of the buddha within you is the experience of eternity within you.

Can we celebrate the ten thousand buddhas?