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Chapter 3: Negation of Knowledge

Without the distorting media of thought you fall into unity with the whole. Without thought functioning between you and the real, all distinctions disappear, you are bridged. And that’s what man is hankering for constantly. You are feeling uprooted, uprooted from the whole. That is your misery. And you are uprooted because of this distorting media of thought. Drop this distorting media of thought, drop these mediums, look into reality as it is, with no idea in your mind, with no idea of how it should be. Look with innocence. Look with not-knowing and all worries disappear. In that disappearing of the worries you become a buddha.

You are a buddha! But you are missing because you are carrying distorting mediums around you. You have perfect eyes and you are wearing glasses. Those glasses are distorting, they are coloring, they are making things as they are not. Throw the glasses! That’s what it means when we say “Throw the mind.” Negate the mind and there is silence - and in that silence you are divine. You have never been anything else, you have always been that. But the recognition comes back, the realization comes back. You suddenly see the point: that you were trying to put legs on a snake. There was no need in the first place - the snake is perfectly perfect! Without legs, he moves perfectly. Just out of compassion you were trying to put legs on it. If you succeed you will kill the snake. It is fortunate that you can never succeed.

You are trying to become knowledgeable and that’s why you are losing your perception, your knowing, your capacity to see. That’s what I mean by “putting legs on a snake.” Knowing is your nature. There is no need to have knowledge to know. In fact, knowledge is the hindrance, knowledge is the curse.

Negate knowledge and be - and you are a buddha, and you have always been a buddha.

Enough for today.