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Chapter 8: Dancing Madly from Eternity to Eternity

Maneesha, you have heard me rightly. Mind has two sides - it can be active, it can be inactive. But even in its inactivity it is there; in its backyard. And to be truly conscious, to be authentically a buddha, one has to go beyond both, the active and the inactive.

She has also asked:

When we do gibberish, followed by silence, are we experiencing the active, then the inactive mind? And is it possible that we can experience the transcendental during the let-go? Can one have moments of consciousness before being totally and irrevocably conscious?

The whole method is managed in the same way you are describing it.

Gibberish is to get rid of the active mind, silence to get rid of the inactive mind and let-go is to enter into the transcendental.

And don’t think that it is something special, that only special people can do it. You are doing it! - you just have to recognize it. You have to realize the fact of your dignity.

The whole society has destroyed you, spoiled you, undermined you, repressed every possibility of your reaching to yourself. And the whole world is against me, because I am doing exactly the opposite: I am trying to bring the individual back into the world.

The world has killed the individual completely.

Just today, I have received an invitation from a small commune of friends in New Zealand. They have a beautiful place; they have sent pictures of a river surrounded with ancient forests, high rising mountains. You can see the whole range of mountains capped with snow. And they wanted me to come there and have my commune there. They are ready to make available as much land as possible, but they don’t understand that their government will not allow a dangerous man like me in their country. First, they should ask their government before they invite me.

The politician is the enemy of man. The politician represents the past, the dead, all the graveyards; and my work is to bring even those who have been long dead out of their graves. They try hard not to come out, but I have my own means. I tell them “Gibberish, do gibberish, if you cannot do anything else! At least that will prove that you can breathe and then we can go on from there.”

And remember, when I am talking about graves, I am talking about you.

Before we go into these three stages. Remember, if you are doing something, do it totally; otherwise there is no point in doing it. I will prepare the ground with some laughter. That is always cleansing, strengthening; makes you aware that if you can laugh you are not dead.

Fanny goes to her dentist and complains about a toothache.

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