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Chapter 6: The Power That Shall Make You Nothing

A buddha is rich, incomparably rich. Look at a buddha passing through the streets begging. He has a begging bow - he is a beggar - but look inside: the earth has not seen again such a rich man. But his richness is part of his inner soul, he is rich not because of richness. He is rich because he possesses his soul. He is an emperor without an empire.

When Swami Rama went to America people were very puzzled because he used to call himself Emperor Ram - Ram Basha - and he was a beggar! The president of the United States came to meet him and asked, “But why do you call yourself an emperor, Ram Basha? Why do you call yourself an emperor?”

And Ram said, “Because I am - but without an empire. This kingdom is of the within. To you I look like a beggar but to myself I look like an emperor.

“And this kingdom is such that it cannot be destroyed, you cannot take it away. Alexander is nothing compared to me - because his kingdom is of the world and can be taken away. You cannot destroy my kingdom; even death cannot destroy it. It is my own self.”

Now be ready for the meditation.