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Chapter 5: God Is Your Insecurity

I said, “That’s right. You are already in hell. I don’t think that even the devil is even going to allow you into hell, because never, in no scripture of the world, is it said that the devil stinks; he is a gentleman, a nice fellow.”

I said to those people, “Just keep these clothes on in India and they will save you from hell. As soon as the devil starts smelling you, he will close the doors: ‘Tibetan lamas no longer allowed! Go to the other place.’”

Jesus used to drink alcohol. Now in India no religion can conceive that a man of understanding, a man who is enlightened, can drink alcohol.

I don’t see any problem if the body is illusory, because the alcohol is going into the body, not into the soul. It is called a spirit, but don’t think that it is spiritual! It does not go into your spirit. It may affect your mind, and you may fall unconscious, but still it is not touching your consciousness at all, because the mind and brain are part of the body. Mind is the program and the brain is the computer that is programmed.

When a child is born, he has a brain but no mind. Mind is nothing but the whole collection of information, knowledge; it is programming. So the brain will be affected by alcohol, but not your spirituality.

So what is the problem? To me there is no problem. Even a buddha can once in a while have a little drink, enjoy a little party, Italian style.

In Italy, party means something absolutely different to what you understand. It is a real party, with two partners. But why prohibit a buddha from enjoying a little party, a little spaghetti, a little wine?

All these things are material, and they don’t touch your spiritual being. But in India nobody can conceive that a buddha can drink - he will not drink even tea. One cannot think of Mahavira.

The reason is simple. In this hot climate, drinking alcohol is not needed, but in a cold climate, alcohol is absolutely necessary. It keeps you warm; it does not make you intoxicated, it only keeps you warm. And there is no harm in feeling warm when snow is falling all around you.

So in a cold country the morality will be different. In a hot country the morality will be different. This is just an example. On every point, different climates will create different moralities.

Mohammed said to the Mohammedans, “You can marry four women.” The reason was that in Saudi Arabia at that time, fourteen hundred years ago, the proportion of men to women was four women to one man. And it happened because the men were continuously fighting. It was a tribal world, and every tribe was fighting with another tribe. Of course, men were being killed, and women remained. So the proportion became such that there were four women to one man.

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