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Chapter 1: The Master of the Shouts

persuade the buddha to come along with you.

Soon Nivedano will be calling you back.

Before that, witness the path that you have gone through.

You will be coming back through the same path.

This acquaintance with the path

that leads from the circumference to the center

is of uttermost importance,

because you will have to go

again and again and again

till your circumference and center become one.

When Nivedano calls you back,

remember that you are a buddha.

Come back with the same grace

and the beauty

and the joy

and the blissfulness.



Come back,

but come back as a buddha,

silently, peacefully,

with a great grace.

Sit for a few moments, just to recollect

and remember where you have been,

what path you have followed.

What you have experienced

has to become part of your daily life.

You have to express your buddha

in your actions, in your gestures,

in your words,

in your silences.

Slowly, slowly the old disappears

and the new is born.

This new man

is the only hope for the whole world.

We have to spread the message

to every human being around the earth,

“You are the buddha;