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Chapter 20: Forget All about Enlightenment

Something beautiful has happened to you. The spiritual explosion always happens as a very simple phenomenon. It is the egoist who has been trying to prove to the world that to be spiritual is something very great, arduous, an uphill task; it takes lives and lives to attain it. It is not so.

You are all born buddhas - covered with something which has to be removed, and which is not part of your nature. It is the society around you that wants you not to be a buddha. If you are a gorilla, it is perfectly okay; nobody is worried about you. A gorilla is not dangerous - at the most a good entertainment - but a buddha is really dangerous. His very presence is a fire with a magnetic force in it. It attracts people even to the point of being consumed by the fire.

The buddha is the most dangerous person in the world.

That is why the world either kills the buddhas or worships them. These are synonymous: killing is a way of getting rid of them; worshipping is also a way of getting rid of them.

When you worship a buddha, you are saying, “You are born a buddha; we are poor human beings. At the most we can put two flowers at your feet. Just leave us alone.we have so many other things to do.” This is also a very cultured way of creating distance. That is why, in every culture, either they have killed such people or they have said that they are incarnations of God. “It is easy for them. We are human beings, with all kinds of frailties, weaknesses; we cannot do it.”

Just to create a distance, so many stories have been created - and I have been wondering continually why no psychologist has the guts to go into those stories and expose what is hidden behind them. For example, Gautam Buddha was born when his mother was standing under a tree. Now, no woman has ever given birth to a child standing. Perhaps this was some accident, a kind of abortion; but the story is that Buddha was also born standing. As he came out of the womb, he stood on the earth, and the first thing he did was to take seven steps - a newborn baby taking seven steps and then declaring, “I am the greatest buddha in the world”..

Now, the people who were creating these stories were trying to create a distance between themselves and these awakened people. They were not ready to accept them being as human as they are, because then a great responsibility arises: if a human being can become a buddha, then what are you doing? Then it will be a great weight on the chest; it is better to put these buddhas as far away as possible.

If you go to a Jaina temple, you will see a strange thing: there are twenty-four Jaina tirthankaras, Jaina gods; all their ears are so big, the earlobes so long, that they are touching their shoulders. That is one of the signs that a man is a tirthankara. You cannot find anybody who has such long lobes unless he goes through plastic surgery or some kind of massage continuously - like milking a cow.

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