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Chapter 2: No Sin, No Virtue

“He has one,” piped up the lady, “but he won’t wear it.

Or, if you have missed, another story for you:

Thor, the Germanic god of thunder, was feeling restless so he decided to have a weekend fling. Taking a handful of jewels from the Valhalla petty cash department he slipped down to earth, got himself an elegant disco suit and a few gold chains, and began hitting the Saturday night dance bars.

After a big night on the town he finally took home the most beautiful woman he had seen and spent the rest of the night and morning satisfying his heroic libido. When he got out of bed and began dressing he realized that the exhausted girl on the bed lacked his godly sexual stamina. By way of explanation, he leaned down over her and whispered, “Honey, I think you should know - I am Thor.”

Wide-eyed, the girl exclaimed, “Thor! You big thon-of-a-bitch, I can’t even thtand up!”

Ordinary communication, very mundane communication, even in the marketplace, is difficult. And a buddha wants to communicate to you something which he has found in a state of no-mind, which he has found when all thoughts disappear, which he has found when even he himself is no more - when the ego has evaporated, when there is utter silence, absolute peace, and the sky is without clouds.

Now how to bring this infinite experience into words? No word is adequate enough - hence the misunderstanding.

Yes, it is absolutely inevitable that a buddha will always be misunderstood. Only those few people who are disciples and devotees can understand a buddha.

By disciple is meant one who has put aside all his prejudices, one who has put aside all his thoughts, and is ready to listen - not to his own mind and his mind’s interpretations, but to the words of a buddha; who is not in a state of argument with the buddha, who is not inside thinking about what the buddha is saying, who listens to a buddha as you listen to classical music, who listens to a buddha as you listen to the sound of running water, who listens to a buddha as you listen to the wind passing through the pine trees or the cuckoo calling from the distance. That is the state of a disciple.

Or if you rise a little higher and become a devotee.. A devotee is one who has not only dropped his mind but has brought his heart in, who listens from the heart, not from logic but from love. The disciple is on the way to being a devotee. The disciple is the beginning of being a devotee, and the devotee is the fulfillment of being a disciple.

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