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Chapter 4: I Am a Spiritual Terrorist

And feel the presence of buddha just behind you. He is almost touching you; every day he is coming closer and closer. Every day your life is becoming more and more graceful, more and more of a deeper understanding of the secrets of the cosmos, more and more mysterious. Soon you will find yourself one of the greatest mysteries in existence. That day will be the day of your awakening, of your enlightenment.

It is not far away.

It is only a question of bringing more intensity, more totality, more sense of urgency. And the Zen Fire will burn all that is false in you, and the Zen Wind will take it away from you. You will remain just pure gold.

This pure gold of your being has the face of the buddha.

To be a buddha is the only meaning, the only significance of life. Those who miss it have missed all. Those who have found it have found everything that is valuable in this existence.