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Chapter 3: The Empty Door Is Open Wide

These are the scholars - the rats! They go on eating words, they go on accumulating words. They can have mountains of words and they become very articulate about words. They can deceive others; that is not so bad because they can deceive only people who are already deceived; you cannot do much more harm to them. But by deceiving others slowly, slowly they become deceived themselves, and that is the greatest problem.

Ninety-nine percent so-called religious people - saints, mahatmas - are just scholars. As far as words are concerned they are very clever, but if you look deep into their eyes you will find just the same stupid human beings. Nothing has changed.

The other day I was reading a statement of Abdul Ghaffar Khan; he is known as the Frontier Gandhi. He is thought to be one of the closest disciples of Mahatma Gandhi. He is ninety-four years old. He has devoted his whole life to the philosophy of nonviolence - and the statement that he gave is so violent that even I was taken aback. I was not thinking that he will do such a stupid thing at such an old age. And the statement was made in front of Vinoba Bhave; they were meeting and there was a press conference. Now both are the greatest followers of Mahatma Gandhi and preachers of nonviolence in the world.

The Frontier Gandhi was asked by the journalist, “What do you say about Z.A. Bhutto who has been sentenced to death? Did not you try to save him? - because you believe in nonviolence?”

He became furious. His eyes became red with anger and he said, “That man was a sinner! He needed to be burned alive in public!”

He completely forgot all about the philosophy of non-violence. He is not happy just by killing him; he wanted him to be burned alive, in public. Not killed on the gallows or shot - that is too merciful - burning alive, because he was a sinner.

Now, is this man a man of nonviolence? Then Jesus must have been wrong when he prayed to God: “Abba forgive all these people, the people who are crucifying me, because they know not what they are doing. They are unconscious people; they are doing it very unconsciously.”

Jesus is a man of nonviolence, not Abdul Ghaffar Khan. Where he has missed? He became full of beautiful words, but they have not transformed his consciousness. And Vinoba Bhave did not object at all; that means agreement. He was present there; he could have said, “What are you saying? It is not Gandhian at least.” He did not object to it. His silence shows his agreement.

This is what has happened to millions of people all over the world. Christians have been killing thousands of people in the name of Christ, with Bibles in their hands, murdering, butchering. Mohammedans have done the same, Hindus have done the same.

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