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Chapter 20: On the Blissful Islands

But we are not alert. These things go on happening around us. Just the other day I was informed.because I don’t read; for ten years I have not read anything, any book, any newspaper, any magazine; only if my secretary comes across something, which I must be made aware of, she informs me.

Just four or five years ago they found a screening system by which it can be scientifically known whether the child in the mother’s womb is a boy or a girl; because the boy gives a different kind of vibration from the girl, and the machine simply reads the vibrations.

Just in Bombay - and it is spreading over all the third world countries - just in Bombay, women are going through that screening process, and if it is found that it is a girl and not a boy, then they go for abortion. Ninety-seven percent of abortions are of girls. Man is so stupid that he doesn’t understand a simple arithmetic. If ninety-seven percent of girls are to be killed, then the world will be much too full of men. It will create all kinds of sexual perversions, prostitution, homosexuality; or we may have to find scientific ways for people’s sexuality.

But nobody is bothered that this is very ugly, and if it is happening, the result will come soon, within a decade, all over the world, and then it will be too late. Even in the twentieth century, man remains crude, primitive, wants the woman only to be a slave; and this is the last step - it is pure murder.

I am not against abortion, but nature keeps a balance. The same balance should be kept in abortions. It is the duty of the doctors and the hospitals that if fifty girls are aborted, then fifty boys should be aborted; otherwise, you are creating a great problem for the coming days. Ugly diseases are bound to spread.

But for centuries, man has been doing things which should not have been done. God has overruled humanity, and God is nothing but an idea. For this idea, millions of people have died; they killed each other, crusades upon crusades - Mohammedans killing Hindus, Christians killing Jews.

You can see it in India; Gautam Buddha influenced the whole country, but once he was dead, all the Buddhists simply disappeared. In the East, India is the only country which has no Buddhists. What happened? - Either they were killed, burnt alive, or they had to escape from India to Tibet, to Sri Lanka, to Japan, to China, to Korea, to Thailand, to faraway lands, just to survive. The whole of Asia is Buddhist, except India, and Buddhism was born in India. Is it not amazing?

Indians go on bragging, “This is the country of Gautam Buddha.” And what have you done with the Buddhists? Even in the temple, which was raised in the memory of Gautam Buddha’s enlightenment in Bodhgaya, a brahmin who is not a Buddhist, is the priest. For centuries his family, generation after generation, has supplied the priest. Now they are the owners of the temple and the land.

Buddhists have been killed: it was such a massacre that not even a priest was available for the memorial temple that was raised for Buddha. Buddha’s whole effort was against brahminism, his revolution was against brahminism - and a brahmin is the priest in his temple.

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