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Chapter 6: The Irrational Rationalist

The first question:

Dr. Abraham Kovoor has attacked you in an article published by the “Weekly Current.” What do you have to say about it?

I enjoyed it. It was sheer delight. It was delicious. It was simply far out. I enjoyed it because nobody else has complimented me so highly as he has done. I could not believe that somebody would praise me so highly. Listen to his compliments.

First compliment: he says Osho is crazy. True, sir. I agree absolutely. In fact, there is no way to God unless you are utterly crazy. Only those who are courageous enough to go beyond the boundaries of so-called sanity attain. Only those who are ready to put their minds aside, only those who are ready to cut their heads off completely, they attain. I am crazy. So was Buddha, so was Jesus.

There are books written against Jesus in which people have tried to prove that he was mad. And of course when Mahavira was walking on the streets, naked, ecstatic, people must have thought him mad. He was driven out of towns, cities; shelter was not given to him. Down the centuries the man of God has always been thought of as mad. The reason is simple: if he is sane then you are all insane, then the majority is insane. The majority cannot accept the fact. It is easier, more comfortable to call him insane.

But remember something George Bernard Shaw once said. Somebody was saying, “Millions of people believe this. How can they be wrong?” And George Bernard Shaw said, “If millions of people believe it, how can they be right?” Millions of people and being in the right? - impossible. The greater the crowd, the less is the possibility of truth.

Truth has been available to only a few individuals. Why? Because only a few dare to enter into that madness. Only a few dare to put their reasoning, cunningness, argument aside. Life is not logic; it goes beyond it.

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