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Chapter 5: Existence Does Not Like Carbon Copies

Questions from “Ta Nea”, Greece.

How would you like to introduce yourself to the Greek people?

My God! Can’t you recognize me? I am the same person you have poisoned twenty-five centuries ago. You have forgotten me, but I have not forgotten you. And just being here for two days, I was thinking that in twenty-five centuries Greece would have evolved towards some better qualities, towards more humanity, towards more truth. But I am feeling sad, because in just two days there have been articles in the Greek newspapers telling absolute lies about me, making allegations which have no foundation in reality, absurdities.

For example, one newspaper was saying that I am hiding here from the American government, and the American government is after me to catch me and bring me back to America for crimes like manslaughter, sex orgies, drug dealing - you name it, and it is there. The reality is that America is afraid of my entering into America. Their court has given me their decision that for five years I cannot enter America.

From where did this newspaper get the idea that I am hiding here.? And is this a way of hiding? Thousands of people will be coming here. Every day morning and evening news media will be here.is this a way of hiding? But that newspaper and others have convinced one bishop here, who is calling meetings of local people to protest against my stay here - and it is only two days that have passed. Last time they allowed me my whole life; only in the end they poisoned me. I don’t think I can last here more than two months at the most.

The bishop is printing a pamphlet against me to distribute. This Sunday morning he is going to speak against me. He knows nothing about me.

There has been a protest march yesterday. Phone calls are coming that stones will be thrown at my meetings. That gives me a feeling that certainly I am in Greece, but things have changed for the worse.

The people of Greece may not have learned in twenty-five centuries, but I have learned much. I will slip out of the poisoning. This is the way I want to be introduced to my own country.

How and why did you come to Greece?

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