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Chapter 12: Faith: The Suicide of Intelligence

But all the religions have provided a catechism. What is a catechism? For questions which are unanswerable, they give you answers, even before you have asked. The child has not asked who has created the world; the child is not yet mature enough to ask such a question, but religions catch him before he becomes mature and the question arises. Once the question has arisen, their answer is not going to help.

Once the child asks who has created the world then the answer that God has created the world is not going to help, because the child is bound to ask, “Who has created God? The answer is not an answer because the question remains the same; it is just delayed a little bit - one step backwards. And finally religions say, “God has not been created by anybody.” Very strange - because the logic behind their God is that everything that exists needs a creator.

I said to one of my religious teachers - I had to go every week to listen to his crap - “You gave me the logic: everything that exists needs a creator.”

He said, “Of course.”

I asked him, “Does God exist or not?”

He became alert: if he said that God exists, then he needs a creator - according to his own logic. And where this is going to land is a regress absurdum. You can go on: A created B, B created C, C created D - you can go on and the whole alphabet will be finished, and Z will be standing in front of you with the same question mark. Nothing has changed. The question was bogus; it was not answerable.

But no religion is courageous enough to say, “There are things about which you can ask a question, but don’t expect the answer. Life is a mystery.” And life can only be a mystery if there are questions which are unanswerable.

But then the religion loses all grip on your neck. If there are questions which are unanswerable, then what have your messiahs and messengers of God and incarnations of God.? What have all these fools been doing? They have all answered questions which are basically unanswerable, and should be left unanswerable. An honest person, a sincere mind, will accept the fact that yes there is a question but there is no answer.

Hence I say poetry is far more religious than your so-called holy books. Music is more religious than your so-called sermons of great apostles. Painting is more religious because paintings are not answers, they are rather reflections of the mystery that is existence. Poetry does not answer anything for you, it simply reflects: the sunrise, the sunset, a cloud wandering in the sky, a bird on the wing, a rainbow. It does not give you any answers.

A Zen haiku says:

The wild geese fly over a lake.

The lake of course reflects them.

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