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Chapter 13: The Guest Is Inside You

Once you have looked in, the outer and the inner are no more separate; you become a witness of both. You see the outer, you see the inner; you are neither and you are both.

These statements are known as ulatbansi - as if someone is playing on the flute from the wrong end, so illogical, so irrational.. But Kabir says, “What can I do? It is so. I can only state the fact. If the fact is absurd, it is absurd.

Kabir will perfectly agree with the Christian mystic, Tertullian. Somebody asked him, “Why do you believe in God?” And Tertullian said, “I believe in God because God is absurd - Credo qua absurdum.”

Kabir would have danced listening to this. Yes, God is not a logical hypothesis, it is supra-logical. No reasoning can prove it or disprove it. You will have to learn the art of love.

Be a lover, and you will find the guest. Be a singer, and you will find the guest. Be a dancer, and you will find the guest. Turn in, tune in - he is waiting there for you.

Enough for today.