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Chapter 38: The Conspiracy against the Individual

The world finds it difficult to accept me.

There have been individuals in the world - the world has found it difficult to accept them, but the whole world was not against them. A part of humanity was always ready to accept them, because they were supportive to that part and its programming. For example, Christ is not accepted by the Jews, but now almost half of humanity is Christian - they accept him. Mahavira may not be accepted by the whole world, but he is accepted by a small section of humanity, the Jainas. Karl Marx may not be accepted by the whole world, but almost half of the world is communist and accepts him.

All these individuals were in a better position than me: at least a certain section of humanity, a certain crowd, was accepting them. I am standing absolutely alone. The Hindu cannot accept me, the Mohammedan cannot accept me, the Christian cannot accept me, the communist cannot accept me, the capitalist cannot accept me. It is a unique situation.

One of the richest men in India was Jugal Kisore Birla. He heard me on the radio and he was very much impressed, so he inquired about me and said he wanted to meet me. When I was in Delhi he invited me, and I went to his palace. He was old.

He said, “I can give you a blank checkbook. And you can always take as much money as you want out of the bank, you need not ask me. You just have to promise me two things: propagate Hinduism in the world, and second, create the idea that cow slaughter is the biggest sin.”

I said, “You have got the wrong person, but your blank checkbook is saved. You wait, you may find someone. I cannot propagate Hinduism, because I can see that Hinduism is one of the oldest religions. Being the oldest, it needs much renovation, it is almost in ruins. Being the oldest, it does not have contemporary values.”

He said, “What do you mean by contemporary values? Hinduism has all the values.”

I said, “It is so simple. You call Yudhishthir as Dharmaraj, ‘the king of religiousness’ -he is a gambler. Not an ordinary gambler: he gambles his whole kingdom, he gambles all his properties, and finally he gambles his own wife. In the first place it is so ugly, that he is a gambler. In the second place, he has no respect for a human being, his wife. He treats the woman just like any commodity. And still Hindus call him ‘the king of religion.’ I cannot. It is impossible for me, I will have to condemn him.

“Hindus have not been courageous enough to go on refining their religion. They have carried the old exactly as it was, without changing anything. In fact, the more ancient something is, the more valuable it is in the minds of Hindus.

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