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Chapter 19: Religion Is Rebellion

The same old man performed the ritual. That was the first marriage in India amongst Jainas performed by a Jaina. I said, “Don’t be worried. Whatsoever the brahmin is saying in Sanskrit, you say in Hindi. In fact it is better to say it in Hindi, because both the bride and the bridegroom will understand what you are saying. What the brahmin says is all nonsense - all Greek and Latin! He may be simply talking gibberish, and you think he is saying great things. All that is wanted is a commitment, a promise, a word given before the society that you will take care of each other. All else is non-essential.”

And that old man performed it in Hindi. The brahmin was so angry because he lost his fee. And that was the beginning. After that marriage in my city no Jaina marriage was performed by a brahmin.

Jainas have no priesthood because without God what is the function of the priest? Things are interrelated. God is absolutely needed to create the hierarchy - then the messiah, then the pope, then the cardinals, then the bishops, then the priest. And it goes on and on; from the bottom to the peak, so many steps. But they are all possible only if you accept the peak, and the peak is fictitious. God is fictitious.

If I had met Jesus I would have told him, “God is fictitious. I am not denying you anything; I am simply saying that unless you prove God as a fact, your messiahship is out of the question - so there is no need to deny it, as the Jews are denying it, saying that you are not the messiah, not the true messiah.”

Just a few days ago I saw a film, a beautiful film on a Jewish family, a very orthodox Hassid family. The Jews don’t accept Hasids as really equal to them, they are outcasts. The Hasids even today don’t accept the nation of Israel, because they say, “Israel will be established when the messiah comes - but where is he?”

Their logic is perfect. This Israel is created by the politicians, not by the messiah. They don’t accept this nation - and I agree with them that this is just a creation, a forced creation. It is not a nation that grew naturally; hence the Jews in Israel are going to be in trouble forever.

The Jews think that the Americans have done them a great favor by creating Israel; it is not so. They have done something worse than Adolf Hitler did, because this is going to be a constant problem. Israel had not existed for centuries; it was a Mohammedan country, Palestine, surrounded by Mohammedan countries.

Now just because you won the Second World War and you happened to be in control of the land of Palestine, you forced the creation of a nation. It is arbitrary. The people are Mohammedans, it is their country. Israel may have been, thousands of years before, the country of the Jews. But for thousands of years it has been a country of the Mohammedans, and suddenly you simply change the map. And surrounded by the whole Mohammedan world. In the Middle East all the countries are Mohammedan.

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