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Chapter 14: As Below, So Above

And you are asking, “.so I can start afresh” - that sounds a little dangerous. What do you mean by starting afresh? Simply drop being a coconut! There is no need to start the same thing afresh. A fresh coconut or an old coconut, they are not much different; there is no generation gap. At least in coconuts there is no conflict, they are very traditional fellows. So please, don’t start afresh, just stop being a coconut. And don’t go anywhere else. Remain here so that I can go on hitting you. Sooner or later the understanding will dawn upon you that you are a human being, not a coconut.

A very simple joke for you, so simple that if you miss it, then be ready for a great hit that will break your skull completely.

A lion is walking down a jungle path and comes across a monkey. “Who is the king of the jungle?” he asks.

“You are,” replies the monkey.

“That’s right,” says the lion and walks on.

He soon encounters a giraffe. “Who is the king of the jungle?” he asks.

“You are,” says the giraffe, bowing down his head.

Finally the lion approaches an elephant. “Who is the king of the jungle?” he asks.

The elephant wraps his trunk around the lion, lifts him up, and hurls him against a coconut tree. After a few moments, the lion recovers, gets up, shakes the dust off, staggers back to the elephant and says, “Just because you don’t know the answer, there is no need to get pissed off!”

Are dacoits and Vikings rebels? If so, are they born that way or made, turned into rebels? Which half of the definition do they fulfill, the negative side or the positive one?

The dacoits and the Vikings are not rebels at all, they are part of a criminal society. Your so-called kings and emperors are great dacoits; the dacoits operate on a smaller scale, but they belong to the same category.

The society depends on exploitation, oppression. A few people do it in an orderly way, a few people do it in a disorderly way, but their basic act is not different. A few people do it legally because they are intelligent and clever enough to use the law in their favor; and a few people who are not so clever and not so intelligent simply do the same thing but without using the law in their favor. They are condemned, but they are not rebels. They are part of this whole criminal situation that has remained prevalent from the very beginning of humanity till today.

Hence the question whether they are negative or positive does not arise - they are not rebels in the first place. They accept the society, they accept its so-called justice, they accept its law. When they are caught they themselves feel that they are criminals, that they have done something against the rules of the game.

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