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Chapter 10: Beyond Cause and Effect

To be in the heart means: the unknown, the unfamiliar, an adventure. Who knows what will happen? It is not certain because it has never been known, so how can it be certain? The map is not in your hands, it is an unknown journey. There are no mileposts or police on the path to tell you the way. But a person who makes a journey towards the unknown makes a journey towards enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the most unknown happening in this world. Even when we know it, we still don’t know it; it always remains unknown. Go on knowing, go on knowing: still it remains unknown. The more you know, the more it feels there is more left to know. The challenge becomes greater and greater. Peak after peak goes on emerging. While ascending one peak it seems the goal is reached; when you arrive at the top more peaks appear ahead. One doorway is entered and new doors appear in front of us.

This is why we call enlightenment an unending mystery. Mystery means that which we know but still are unable to know. This is why we say enlightenment is never attained by intellect - because intellect can only know that which it has finished knowing; enlightenment is never finished.

So don’t miss with the mind, don’t remain bound with the dead past. If you tie a dead body to yourself, you will understand what the mind is. Tie a corpse to you and you will be unable to move around. That corpse is rotting, decaying, and has become a burden. Intellect is a corpse, the heart is a new sprout - life’s new sprout. And one has to go even beyond the heart. Move afresh with each new step, and keep the heart open for every available possibility - welcoming!

Keep the heart ready. Don’t hold back when the unknown calls. Don’t hesitate when the unfamiliar beckons. When the unknowable is knocking on the door don’t be frightened, move with it. This is the characteristic of a religious person.

The third question:

I bow down to you! In a thousand lives I could not have achieved as much as you have effortlessly given me. Please accept me as your disciple!

If you have taken, then you have become a disciple.

Becoming a disciple is not dependent on my acceptance. Becoming a disciple is dependent on your acceptance. A disciple means one who is ready to learn. A disciple means one who is ready to bow down, to fill his begging bowl. A disciple means one who is eager to listen in humility, eager to contemplate deeply and quietly, eager to meditate.

You have become a disciple. If you took it, then by your very taking you have become a disciple.

Being a disciple is not dependent on my agreement. What can I do if I accept you but you don’t take it? What can I do if I don’t accept you but you go ahead and take it anyway?