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Chapter 8: The Tender Trap

If you don’t say “I am,” how can you die? To die, first you have to be.

Just meditate over it. Don’t agree and disagree with me! Just meditate over it. If you don’t say “I,” then where is the problem? You are not there. There is eternal silence.absolute emptiness, what Buddha calls shunyata. Now, who is there to die? From where is decadence possible now?

That’s why I repeat again: nature knows no death - because in death also there is life. Death is a phase of life, an inactive phase of life is death, a silent phase of life. Death is life relaxing. Death is life gone to sleep, to rest. Death is a pause - to rejuvenate oneself. Death is a cleansing. Death is a process of destroying the unnecessary and the unessential that gathers around oneself in the process of life. Death is an unburdening.

But, if you don’t burden yourself, there is no death. If you unburden yourself, then there is no death. If you don’t have the idea that “I am separate from existence,” how can you think that “I will die”? In the separation, behind the separation, comes the shadow of death.

Those leaves have never thought they are separate, so don’t impose your ideas upon the autumn leaves. That is not fair.

You say: “Don’t you think there is a beauty in the leaves of autumn?”

There is beauty! Because there is no decadence. There is beauty because there is no death. There is beauty because there is eternity.

“Don’t you think there can also be an acceptance of madness?”

I know there can be an acceptance of madness - but the moment you accept madness, you are no more mad. Madness exists only in its rejection. Have you ever found any madman who agrees that he is mad? Then go to a madhouse and ask all the mad people who are there - nobody will accept that he is mad. And if somebody accepts that he is mad, that means he is no more mad. How can madness accept? Only wisdom can accept.

In accepting madness, the quality, the very quality of madness is transformed. You have brought a light and the darkness disappears.

Remember: madness exists only in rejection, and the more you reject, the more you will be mad. The foolish man goes on rejecting his foolishness, and becomes more of a fool. The ugly man goes on rejecting his ugliness and becomes uglier. And the madman goes on rejecting his madness, and becomes more and more mad.

Accept.and ugliness disappears, grace arises. Accept.and sin is transformed into saintliness. Accept.and madness is no more madness.

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