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Chapter 17: Valleys and Peaks

But both do the same thing. If you reject happiness you can never be unhappy, if you accept unhappiness you can never be unhappy. How can you make a man unhappy if he accepts it? How can you make a man unhappy if he rejects happiness? You cannot make him unhappy. The problem arises because you divide. You say this is happiness and that is unhappiness. And division is in your mind - reality is not divided. In reality unhappiness becomes happiness, happiness becomes unhappiness. They are flowing.

It is just like peaks and valleys: if a peak is there a valley is bound to be there. And the valley and peak are not against each other, they are part of one phenomenon. If you reject the valley and you accept the peak you will be miserable, because wherever a peak is the valley will be. And the higher the peak the deeper will be the valley. So if you love Everest then you will have to love deep valleys also. Happiness is like a peak and unhappiness is like a valley.

Go to the sea and meditate on the waves. The wave rises high, but just be-hind it there is a gap, a valley. Each wave is followed by a valley. The higher the wave the deeper will be the valley just following it. This is what happiness and unhappiness are - waves. Whenever you reach a high peak of happiness, immediately unhappiness will follow. You have to accept that this is how life is. If you say, “I will accept only peaks and not valleys,” you are just behaving stupidly. Then you are going to be miserable.

It has been happening in every camp. People do so much towards meditation, acceptance, happiness, and they achieve small, high peaks. Then they go back, and then suddenly the valley comes in. They feel very miserable after the camp.

Somebody has asked a question:

Why don’t you carry on Your camps at least for three months, or six months?

Because of this.because if I keep a camp continuing for three months you will reach Everest and then back home you will simply go mad with misery. And you will have to go back - and if it is difficult after nine days it will be impossible after three months. This is good, and part of the training, that you accept both the peak and the valley. Go home and accept the valley also.

The real thing is to learn acceptance. And if you accept the valley then the valley is also very mysterious and beautiful. It has its own splendor. Even anguish has its own beauty if you accept it, even sadness has its own depth. Not only laughter is beautiful; sadness has its own beauty, a depth which no laughter can carry. Sadness has its own poetry, its own rhythm. If you allow me the expression, sadness has its own ecstasy. But one has to accept, only then one will be able to know.

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