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Chapter 13: God Is the Ocean You Are In

The Catholic situation is getting worse and worse. They are certainly a high-risk group, Catholic priests, where ten times more homosexuals exist than anywhere else; and ten times is not the actual figure, because they are hiding it in every way.

Many Catholic priests have died of AIDS, but the Catholic Church declares that they have died of this disease, they have died of that disease. The church does not want to accept that they have died of AIDS.

It is from the medical profession that things started leaking out, because the medical profession became afraid that it was dangerous. A priest, particularly a Catholic priest, comes in personal contact, in private contact, in confessionals. Those confessionals are private..

And the disease is not just ten times.ten times is now accepted. They were denying for years that there was any homosexuality; now they accept that there is ten times more homosexuality than in any other profession. And how many of these Catholic priests are suffering from AIDS? The church is silent - and these are the servants of the people.

In America, two priests were found to be suffering from AIDS. Immediately they were transferred to faraway cities. They were not thrown out of the church for fear that they would expose it. They blackmailed the church: “If you throw us out, we will expose the fact that we are suffering from AIDS - and not only us, but many more of our colleagues.”

So they were transferred to other churches, to spread the disease to other cities. And when those cities became aware, then it became a problem, because they insisted that these people should be relieved and they should not be given another church. But the problem was that if they were released, they would expose it. So they were promoted and sent into monasteries with all their salaries, all their benefits. The whole church management seems to be so stupid: the monasteries are full of homosexuals, and sending these two priests to be hidden in the monastery is a danger for all the priests and all the monks in the monastery.

In one monastery in Europe, half of the monastery is homosexual - and there are almost fifteen hundred monks. Now there is such a conflict, because it is not a small number - seven hundred and fifty are confirmed homosexuals. They have divided the monastery into two parts, and one part is a homosexual part. They have chosen their own high priest, and they have declared homosexuality not to be against the Catholic religion.

Now, you cannot throw out seven hundred and fifty monks. They will expose you before the whole world. And in all the monasteries this is happening, because the pope goes on insisting every day..

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