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Chapter 14: Get Out of This Sheepskin

Her father was ninety years old, but he was threatening her that if she got involved in India he was going to disinherit her. And he was a billionaire. So she was waiting - once he dies, she can become a sannyasin totally, without any fear.

But meanwhile, I have come here. The father is now dead, but the whole family - the mother, the uncles - now she is afraid of them. I have been here for four years; she has not come even once. In India, three times a year for fifteen years she was coming. I am here for four years, she has not come once.

On the contrary - certainly under some pressure because she is a billionaire - she has written a letter to Sheela saying, “I am no longer connected with the sannyas movement of Osho, I am no longer a sannyasin; and a note of this fact should be taken.”

In America or in any other country, wherever I am there is going to be conflict with the people of that country. They are bound to be hostile, just because we are new, just because we are teaching a new way of living. And their investment with the old life is so much, that it is better to stay away from us. So only a few Americans who have guts are here.

The same was the situation in India. People from all over the world were coming, but Indians were not coming. In India they have their vested interests; they are afraid of the society, they are afraid of their religion. They are afraid of to whom they are going to marry their girl. Who will accept her? - because they have dropped out of the society.

But you will be surprised. India is so poor; still, at this festival there were two hundred and fifty Indians. There would have been five hundred, but two hundred and fifty were rejected, not given permission to come. Those two hundred and fifty people who came from that faraway place - thousands of miles - they were not coming to me in Pune. It is strange, but understandable. Coming here, nobody knows. Going back, nobody knows. Their society, their family - everything is safe. But coming to me in India would have been difficult.

I used to live in Bombay. Just above my apartment, there lived a family.Once in a while we passed each other, either in the elevator, or on the steps, or in the garden, but they never came to see me. And every day at my place, in my apartment, a group of two hundred sannyasins was meeting. And I was talking on a tremendously significant subject, which is published in The Book Of The Secrets - one hundred and twelve methods of meditation. But they could not gather courage.

Then I left Bombay, and to my surprise, the next day they reached Pune and wanted to become sannyasins. But I said, “You have never heard me, you have never even waved to me!”

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