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Chapter 26: A Genius in Exploitation

She is drugged. She is on hard drugs. It is true, I exploit people. I exploit them because that is the only way to wake them up. Exploitation is not necessarily evil. I exploit their stupidity, their idiotness. I exploit their conditionings, I simply want them to be utterly nude, naked, as they were born. So it is perfectly true. And I am a genius in exploitation, but that exploitation turns out to be finally the transformation of man. About that transformation she cannot understand even the ABC.

We are only going to inflict one more bit of Sheela tape on you. What will you do if Sheela turns up? What would you say to her if you meet again?

I will accept her. I love her. I love bitches, many of them. If she comes back, she will be welcome. But she will not have any power any more, because she has misused it.

Will she ask your forgiveness?

No there is no question, because I am not angry. It is her problem to forgive herself by doing something to help this community which she has betrayed. I am simply out of it. If I was angry I could have forgiven her, but I never became angry. I simply accept people as they are. She was the type, she proved it. She killed her first husband by depriving him of oxygen, and he was a block. She killed him for this other man, and then she came for some work to America and fell in love with another man. She does not know what love means.

She says in this second tape that it was you who forgot how to love, that you robbed her of her dignity.

I will say about that.

Recording of Sheela’s interviewer’s voice: He might be watching. He says that it you ever meet again, you will throw yourself at his feet and beg for mercy.

Recording of Sheela’s voice: Would he wish. That’s his dream again. Not true, Osho. No. One thing I have is my dignity, and that was a problem for you, you know it too.

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