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Chapter 7: Meditation and the Inner Eye

Kabir said, “Okay, but first you must go back, awaken the people of that house, and tell them.”

Kamaal asked, “What way of stealing is this?”

Kabir said, “At least they should be told; otherwise they will be unnecessarily worried.”

Those who follow Kabir have stopped narrating this story in their books because it is absurd. Kabir approving stealing? But what was the matter? In the morning Kamaal asked, “What is the matter now? Tell me the whole thing. You are in favor of stealing?”

Kabir said, “Everything belongs to God. No one else is the owner.”

Look at this mind. For this mind everything is acceptable. There is total acceptance. Even stealing is accepted. But he says, “Go and tell the people so that they are not unnecessarily worried.”

Kamaal said to him, “But they will think we are thieves.”

Kabir said, “They are right. We are!”

Kamaal said, “But then the next day all your respect will go to the dust. No one will honor you.”

Kabir said, “That’s right! Why should they honor thieves?”

Total acceptance means not denying anything. When you accept, you accept with conditions. You say, “Okay, I will do this if that is not going to happen. I can steal if God is not going to throw me into hell. I can steal if there is no sin in it. I can steal if people are not going to dishonor me for it.” What people will do has to be accepted also. Total acceptance is the most alive way of life. But then everything is accepted; whatsoever happens as a consequence is accepted. There is no denial on any point. That is the last, the ultimate way of life. Really, that is what a sannyasin should be. What a sannyasin should have is total acceptance.

But when we say that you can create dreams, we are not denying; we are simply stating a fact. If you like, you can create dreams. I can help you to create them easily. But remember, they are only dreams.

The problem arises when dream becomes a reality. You can play with your Krishna, you can dance with him; nothing is wrong with it. Dance in itself is so good. What is wrong about it? You are not doing any harm to anyone playing with your Krishna, dancing. Dance and play! It will be good for you. But remember that this is not real. It is a projected thing; you have created it.

If you can remember this you will play the game, but you will never be identified with it. You will go on being aware that this is a game. A game is a game if you are not identified. If you are identified, it has become serious, it has become a problem. Now you will be obsessed.

Now get ready for the meditation.