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Chapter 8: When You Are Ready.

The first question:

How is it that an enlightened person like Krishnamurti cannot see that he is not helping people? If he is enlightened, shouldn’t he be able to see all? And you say that you are able to help all types, but you also say that you are contradictory on purpose, so that some people will go away. If you are able to help all, why should some need to go away?

A person like Krishnamurti can see. There is no hindrance, no obstacle, and he sees everything that is happening around him. But an enlightened person cannot do anything. He has to be as he is, loose and natural. Doing brings tension and doing makes you unnatural. Then you are floating against the current.

Krishnamurti knows what is happening, but he cannot do anything. He has to allow it to happen. It is how the whole wills it. Nothing can be done about it. The doer is always in ignorance. The doer is never found when one is awakened. When one is awakened, one accepts whatsoever is the case.

So don’t think that Krishnamurti does not know. He knows perfectly, but this is how it has happened. This is how it is happening. And there is nobody inside to judge whether it should happen like this or otherwise. Nothing can be done. A roseflower is a roseflower, and a mango tree is a mango tree. The mango tree cannot bring roses, the rose plant cannot bring mangos. This is how it is - a total acceptance.

And when I say total acceptance, it is just to explain to you. Otherwise, in an enlightened consciousness there is no acceptance because there is no rejection. That’s why I call it total. It is utmost surrender to the whole. Everything is good. Whether I can help you or not, that is not for me to decide. The whole decides and the whole uses me. It is up to him. If it is good that people should not be helped, then the whole will not allow me to help people - but I am nowhere in it. This is the state of enlightenment. You cannot understand it because you always think in terms of the doer. An enlightened person in fact does not exist; he is not there. It is a vast emptiness. So whatsoever happens, happens; whatsoever doesn’t happen, doesn’t happen.

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